Looking to buy?

Let the experienced agents of Glen Elgin Realty Corp. help you find the property that is just right for you. We are big enough to serve, but small enough to care. Whether you are looking for a home or are in need of a commercial property, we will help find that perfect match.

Looking to Rent or Lease?
We often have numerous commercial, retail or residential properties available for lease. Contact us today and let us know what your rental/leasing requirements are.

A Buying Guide

Step 1: Establish a brokerage relationship.
What you can expect from Glen Elgin Real Estate Corp., and what to expect from the transaction.

Step 2: Get your loan pre-approved.
Finding a lender, understanding different loans, obtaining pre-approval and completing your loan application.

Step 3: Search for a home.
Selecting an area and lot style, determining your housing requirements, understanding MLS reports and codes, and keeping track of what you've seen.

Step 4: Contract to buy.
Making an offer, understanding paperwork & contract dates, counterproposals, under-contract checklist, completing your loan application, obtaining insurance, title Q & A.

Step 5: Get a thorough inspection.
Why an inspection is important, what it costs, finding an inspector, what to inspect, the inspection notice.

Step 6: Close the transaction.
What happens at closing, pre-closing checklist, closing payments, handy phone numbers.

You are not alone in this process.

Your Glen Elgin Real Estate Corp. professionals are there to guide you
Every Step Of The Way.